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  • iCloud Storage: Many Shallow Ponds

    In five years we’re going to look back at the way we’ve been managing our documents and feel silly. We may even feel silly for managing our documents in the first place. The Classic File System I realized after studying iCloud on Mountain Lion that the system we’ve been using to save personal documents is […]

  • It Works Just Like Your Phone

    iCloud is a big step in making the Mac work more like how people expect. Whenever people have bought a computer in the past, I doubt they’ve ever paid any attention to how they’ve opened and saved documents, and until a few months ago, nobody ever had to think about how data on one computer […]

  • My Initial Experience With iCloud

    Update: What I forgot to mention is that I’m discussing iCloud as it appears in third party applications. I’m not discussing my experience with things such as Photo Stream, iCloud backup, or iCloud contacts/mail. From what I’ve seen so far, iCloud seams really complicated, enough for it to not be the right solution for my […]