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  • West Toronto CrossFit Featured on BlogTO

    West Toronto CrossFit, where I train and coach was reviewed in blogTO yesterday. I was kind of nervous with having a photographer come in and shoot us doing a workout, but am pleased that I didn’t embarrass myself and that the gym got a good review. (via blogTO)

  • 2013 CrossFit Open Recap

    It’s about time I sat down and forced myself to write something. I’ve constantly been doing stuff, focusing on reading and learning since the last time I blogged in October, and longer still since I worked on the series of sketches that first appeared here in September. The problem was that I haven’t really dived…

  • CrossFit Update

    The right amount of laughter mixed with agony builds teams I started doing CrossFit at the end of April 2011, and as soon as I started I began a routine of training five times a week after work. Soon after, once my contract at Microsoft ended in June, I started to pick up on my…