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  • Some DISQUS and Intense Debate Thoughts – They Both Need Work

    I recently changed the comment systems on Open Mode And Toronto Dev to both use the DISQUS comment system, where they were previously using Intense Debate.  DISQUS did a great job of jumping on any Discussions either I was having, or that I could see other were having on Twitter about their system. Besides DISQUS’s […]

  • Creating A River of Web Media Content

    Image via CrunchBase For the longest time the content that has been produced has fit into very nice and well defined categories, and there was a commonly understood structure to it all. But the time is approaching fast that ideas about content online will shift. When it happens, lines will blur around our friends “blogs”, […]

  • Take Your Learning To The Comments

    As still somebody who attends university (Ryerson University, incredible value for money by the way…) I’ve made the decision to go into a very mind-off mode while in class. I still talk a lot in class, answer questions and the like, but I do that without any prior thinking about what my answer will be […]