The User Interfaces of CrossFit and Paleo

One of my favourite parts about training CrossFit and following the Paleo diet is how simple is it to get results. All you have to do is follow their interfaces.

The interface provides the necessary and sufficient actions a person needs to accomplish to see results. Its the minimum expected from you. The interface is what you’ll do everyday, whether you are aware of it or not.

CrossFit’s interface is that everyday you’ll be given a different workout to do. Paleo’s interface is that you’ll eat within the food groups of meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.

If you do Paleo, you won’t need to know why you eat or don’t eat certain foods, and if you do CrossFit, your gym won’t expect you know how to program workouts, or how to do all the movements.

The interfaces hide the complexity of the programs and make it really simple for users.

CrossFit’s interface doesn’t require you to:

  • Plan your workouts
  • Risk over developing certain muscle groups
  • Bias yourself towards strength or towards conditioning
  • Risk injuring yourself
  • Understand the reasons for using different movements

The CrossFit interface can be boiled down to:

  1. Pay for CrossFit
  2. Show up at your box
  3. Do your best at the workout put in front of you

With Paleo, you get the benefit of all the scientific research having already been done for you. Instead of spending the years reading scientific papers, or the time and money for a nutrition degree, you can rely on all the research that’s already been done and synthesized in the Paleo books by Dr. Loren Cordain. Though those books are extra to Paleo’s interface:

  1. Buy Paleo
  2. Eat Paleo

The final step in each interface is “See massive improvements in health and fitness!

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