Why Can The iPad Be Frustrating?

For as long as I’ve owned them, I’ve enjoyed the Apple products I own like my MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPhone, and my iPad. But unlike my iPhone or Macs, the iPad can get me really frustrated. Occasionally I’ll use my iPad at a cafe and everything will be going fine, then in the next moment things start to fall apart.

Whether it’s trying to get an unresponsive app to detect a swipe, trying to hit a button target, dealing with an app that crashes on load, or spending half the time I spend writing fixing typos. In public it’s easy to feel awkward and self-aware as I attempt to deal with these issues along with having to manipulate the device, change my posture, flip it and turn it in an attempt to get the right orientation.

Even with the introduction of the split keyboard in iOS 5 which was a major improvement, typing is still a challenge. The large border around the edge of the iPad’s screen makes it difficult for my hands to stretch out far enough to type comfortably like I can on my phone. Also, whenever I try to hold the iPad in my hands to use the split-keyboard, it becomes difficult to balance because of the iPad’s weight.

90% of the time, the iPad feels natural and as appropriate as pen and paper for the work I want to do with it. But at other times, I feel like a complete goof for trying to do work with it.

The thing I can’t figure out is why I never feel the same way with any of my other devices. No matter what work I want to do with my laptop, or my iPhone, they may sometimes lag, and apps will sometimes crash, but they do the job and I never get as frustrated with those devices. There has to be an explanation, but I don’t know where to find it.

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