2011 Accomplishments

I feel weird coming up with a list of my accomplishments in 2011. Last year was the first year I ever took an account of the things I had done in the year before and collect them into a single blog post. So this year I’m comparing 2011 to what was for me a pretty decent 2010. Before I even started making the list, I knew it wasn’t going to be as good.

The list as it stands is:

  • I converted my old road bike into a single speed (and learnt how to do it all in the process)
  • I spent a lot of time learning mandarin
  • I started training CrossFit doing 143 workouts from May to the end of 2011, going from being completely out of shape to being considerably stronger.
  • I learned the basics of iOS development
  • I read 12 books
  • I wrote 55 blog posts

There are some gaps I have to accept in this list compared to what I was hoping to accomplish, I wasn’t able to find another job after the end of my contract with Microsoft. I also wasn’t able achieve conversational fluency in Mandarin, and I didn’t publish any new projects. I also don’t feel like any of the blog posts I wrote in 2011 had gotten any better than the ones from previous years.

I can, and have to accept all that though.

I have to just look forward to doing better in 2012. Like I’ve mentioned before I’m starting 2012 off strong with taking the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course. In meantime, I still feel happy and grateful that I have the opportunity to spend time doing stuff I enjoy.

Here’s looking forward to a productive and value producing 2012!






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