Because The Market Needs Non-Value Creators

The smartphone market is headed to a duopoly of Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS and perhaps it’s time to sweat whether a No. 3 platform has a chance in hell to compete.


An article that didn’t need to be written: iOS and Android are the two most popular smartphone platforms, the others control only small amounts of the market, and this should worry you.

For whatever reason not given, phrases like “Is that a good thing?” and “could be construed as alarming” make it seem like this spells trouble for consumers or carriers in the future.

First of all, carriers are a huge middle man and do nothing but suck value out of the smartphone market. If all the carriers went away tomorrow and our phones still worked, you show me someone who’d be upset.

You can even make the case that the market looks this way thanks to the help of the carriers. Soon after WP7 came out there were numerous reports of carrier sales associates pulling users away from WP7 phones and persuading them to go with Android.

Even with two platforms owning most of the market share, this is a problem because… consumers want choice? An emphatic NO to that one.

… because of lock-in? Because the competition between platform developers will stop?

Android and iOS *are* the innovators.

It’s because of Android and iOS that those top 4 manufacturers (Apple, HTC, Samsung, Motorola) are even on that chart. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Android and iOS make up the much larger left side of the graph. They displaced the platforms that preceded them, which now only make up the declining platforms of the right side.

Forget the manufacturers. Forget the landscape. And forget the overly-hyped PR filled product launches.

Celebrate innovative products, and give respect to the ones that solve users needs.

The Nokia Lumia 800 looks like a well made product. Maybe it can grow WP7’s share a bit.






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