Learning to Trash It and Start Over

Back in February, instead of attending the last day of PodCamp Toronto, I stopped by the Ryerson Digital Media Zone which was right around the corner from the event for a work session with friends where we white-boarded ideas around search, the cloud, work and value. What happened that day was that an idea I had heard many times before finally clicked.

We spent 30 minutes diagraming our ideas of search and value and the cloud, the connections between them, and how value flowed through everything. Then my friend Andrew captured the drawings we had made on his phone, wiped be board clean, and then said “This is what we have to do: Capture it, and then trash it.”

What he was talking about was not getting too attached to an idea or too concerned with fine-tuning it, but instead keeping our attention focused on solving new challenges and finding different approaches to a solution.

As much as it’s a good idea, the thing I want to draw attention to and share is the way Andrew worked. This was just a casual weekend gathering among friends, there was no expectation for anyone to experiment and to be a leader.

So I encourage you to pay attention while you work, especially with others, to the small opportunities that come up where you can make a difference when no one is expecting it. Because that’s how you leave an impression.






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