DoublePane is a very simple window management utility for OS X. It lets you do four things:

  1. Make a window fill the left half of the screen.
  2. Make a window fill the right half of the screen.
  3. Make a window fill the screen entirely.
  4. Restore a window to its previous state.

All four options can be triggered with a user-configured command key combination.

This happens to be exactly what I want out of a window manager, no more, no less.

If your window-wrangling needs are similarly simple, DoublePane is available in the Mac App Store for $1.99. Or $0.00, for eight of you—I like the app so much I asked the developer for some promo codes, and here they are:


Thanks, Nick!

See also:

File this under one thing I like about Windows 7.

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