Introduction to Design Thinking for Business Students

I’m reading through this again as a refresher. There are plenty of decks out there that give an overview of design thinking, but less so that make a convincing argument about why people in business should care about this stuff… Or that feature the term “Pitch bitch” and include photos of vodka.

Looking through this deck makes me want to rush home and finally crack open my copies of Change By Design and The Design of Business.





3 responses to “Introduction to Design Thinking for Business Students”

  1. Will Lam Avatar
    Will Lam

    I’ve setil got my copy of Change by Design that I picked up last year.. let’s try to tackle it by the end of February?

  2. Will Lam Avatar
    Will Lam

    but seriously, Patrick included over 50 fucking slides in his deck.. what happened to simplicity?

  3. Malcolm Bastien Avatar
    Malcolm Bastien

    Is that a joke?

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