The Value of Tablet Huddle Experiences

Whenever I came across non-universal apps, on the App Store, the ones that you need to buy twice in order to use on your iPad and on your iPhone, I used to think that the developer was trying to get an extra couple bucks out of me. 

What I realized though is that you’re not just paying to use the same application on a bigger screen. You’re paying for an altogether different experience than what you get when you use the same application on the iPhone.

The form of the iPad lets you share the device intimately in ways that you can’t with laptops or smart phones. You can put the device on a table and huddle around it with a group of friends. You can share the device on your lap with a loved one. You can let your daughter show you the painting she made while she sits on your lap.

When you look the cost part of the transaction, how much you pay starts to matter less.

The value you get out of experiences like these make it more than worth paying for.

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