Get Into a Better Routine

Last week I rewatched Merlin Mann’s talk from Webvisions 2010, Bold
Ideas and Insane Possibilities, and for the first time I understood
some things he said about Facebook (which he hates). I quit Facebook
in May of 2010, and all these months later, what clicked after
rewatching this video was that there are mechanisms to keep you the
user engaged and spending a lot of time doing nothing.

The worst kind is getting into a routine of looking at things that don’t matter.

A lot of what people do there isn’t very personal or meaningful, even
less so directly to you. There are a lot of conversations between
other people, and there are updates that alert you to pseudo social
events that were triggered. These include likes and tags, surveys and
invites. Most of it is activity that isn’t personal, creative, or that
creates something that lasts.

What’s great about services like Tumblr and Posterous on the other
hand is that while they still have a social aspect to them, their
services are designed from their mobile apps, their post-by-email
capabilities, and browser bookmarklets, to encourage users to post new

It’s a lot easier to make or share something, and it’s a lot harder to
find hollow content. All of your content has meaning, and the content
you see from others does as well.

Eventually, you get into a routine of making and sharing your art
rather than your status.

Webvisions 2010, Bold Ideas and Insane Possibilities:






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