Blogging to Push Ideas

Think, push email rather than pushing a point of view.

I don’t know about other people, but for my blog I always sway back
and forth worried about writing blog posts that are too short or, more
often, writing what ends up being long essays that nobody had the time
to read.

Getting the right balance where you’re able to write posts that are
concise, where you’re able to publish daily, and that are insightful
is tricky.

Last week I came across a post where the writer talked about the idea
of posting ideas in as they came to her rather than formulating them
into blog posts. That got me thinking that if we changed our
perspective from thinking about them as “blog posts” and focused more
on the ideas we’re trying to communicate, then the rules we blog by
may start to hold us back less. The reason being that we can stop
thinking about our blogs in terms of blog posts, and more as a way to
accomplish the goal of communicating, sharing, and developing ideas.

So lets focus on using blogs to push ideas.

Pushing Ideas

What do ideas look like when they first come to you?

You may know exactly what to do with an idea when it comes and act on
it, or maybe more often you spend your time sorting through ideas you
don’t know what to do with, that you don’t know how to act on, or that
are just unpolished.

It takes time to massage ideas into their final, most effective form.
It also takes time to find the connection between different ideas and
to understand the relationship between them.

By the time you’ve developed your original ideas, you could have
turned that into multiple blog posts, and started different
discussions with your readers.
If you decide to post your original idea, before the polish, you’re
encouraging the opportunity for a reader to comment and propel the
idea forward.

This isn’t a guide. This is just an idea about exploring ideas as they come.






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