However, that’s still not enough. Two of Adaptive Path’s founders, Jesse James Garrett and Jeffrey Veen, were trained in journalism. And much of our company’s success has been in utilizing journalistic approaches to gathering information, winnowing it down, finding the core narrative, and telling it concisely. So business can definitely benefit from such “journalism thinking.”

But wait — there’s more! We have librarians, and historians, and fine artists. All of these disciplinary backgrounds allow people to bring distinct perspectives to our work, allowing for insights that wouldn’t be achieved if we were all cut from the same cloth. Do we need to espouse “library thinking,” “history thinking,” and “arts thinking?” Should we look at Steve Jobs’ background, and say what business needs is more “calligraphic thinking?”

Why Design Thinking Won’t Save You – Peter Merholz – Harvard Business Review (via Instapaper)






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