The Newness and The Promise of Windows Phone 7

Even when journalists say that they really like the new Windows Phone 7 devices and the experience of the phone, you’ll often hear them say that it will be a challenge for Microsoft to overcome its re-entrance into the smartphone market because of how late in the game they are. The iPhone has been out for four years, and Android is now on so many different handsets that in aggregate, more android devices are being sold than iPhones.


Besides the positives and negatives of the system, I wonder if users being simply bored & tired with the same thing is going toplay a role. I think The phone is pretty different from iOS, Andriod, and from Blackberry OS, that even just “newness” will impact buying decisions of some consumers.

Microsoft has so many resources behind it that the potential in it’s actions are huge. On top of Microsoft just having a new phone, they are also coming out with a new way to use Office and Outlook. That’s not big to everybody, but I think with even a moderately good execution of Office applications like Word and OneNote on a Windows phone, the newness part of it will help sell that initial first run of phones.

Using Office on your phone has never been possible before. This is Microsoft’s only opportunity to put Office on a phone and for it to be new. From here on out it’s only updates.

The Promise

Microsoft with Windows Phone 7 has done a pretty good job I feel of selling the promise of a fresh approach to smartphones. The phone blends together ideas that are just innovative enough, with a look and style which catches the eye, and a core layout and workflow that makes it pop. The interface balances simple yet flexible, that it’s hard to say what it’s like until using it. BB OS and Android on the other hand are pretty predictable just by looking at them.

So the promise is there, and the newness brings something fresh to the table. To predict the phone’s overall success I think what we do is wait and see on:

  1. Marketing
  2. Hardware
  3. Apps and Developer Ecosystem
  4. Big names like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr coming on board quickly with solid apps
  5. That they innovate as much on their next release in a timely manner with smart solutions for what the next mobile challenges will be (multitasking, device syncing, media management, device ecosystems, etc…)

The promise of this phone, it “get to what you love easier,” so far seems like it’s appealing to many people based on the reactions to the new WP7 television ads. We’ll see if all the other stars align and carry customers through to the register.





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