Attention to Detail Versus Features

Where are the examples of attention to detail on products not made by Apple?

Competitors always show you the more features their products have compared to Apple’s. Take the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet they are announcing in September. They flood the video with lists of features the product has. But will Samsung ever go on stage and say as a company, that they took more care in making the product than Apple did the iPad? That they paid more attention to the details that will affect users?

To be honest, the dark and robotic teaser promo for the Samsung Galaxy Tab makes it seem like these guys are competing more against Droid, another android phone, rather than against Apple. Compare this with one of the commercials for the BlackBerry Torch which are very Apple-esque (there’s one with the Torch sitting on the table doing very iPhone like things).

Why is Apple the only company to say that we’re going to ship less features because it’ll make a better product?

You’d think that it would eventually become just a numbers game. If Apple does the “more design, less features” thing with their products, and they constantly are being mimic’d by a half dozen competitors every 6 months *and* they still manage to grow and gain share… Wouldn’t at least one other company eventually catch on and try to do the same?

Yet every competitor competes on the more features play over and over again.

I said it a year ago on this blog that the best companies constantly smoke their competition with only two things:

1. Great Products
2. Great Care

Not all the Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube campaigns in the world will make up for that.

Apple’s Attention to Detail:
Feature checklist dysfunction:
Samsung Galaxy Tab:

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