Something Routine

After browsing through the free classic available on the Kobo ebook store, I downloaded about 30 different books that I’ve always known about, but that I’ve never made an effort to read. Now on my Kobo I have among others: Treasure Island, Crime and Punishment, War and Peace, A Tale of Two Cities, The Republic, The Metamorphosis, and The Prince.

If I get through half of those in the next year I’ll be happy.

On the creative side I bought Autodesk Sketchbook Pro both for the iPhone and the iPad, and I also downloaded the free Adobe Ideas app.

It was easy to get apps these onto my device, and it’s also easy to launch the apps to either start reading or to start drawing.

With these non-wastes of time being just as easy to launch as games, social networks, or email, I’m thinking a bit about what could be the final effect?

Laptops and wifi first made the mobile office possible. People changed their work behaviours, leaving the office to work in their environments of choice like in cafes, or during trips on trains and planes. But it the tools didn’t make it easy to do digital art on the go, and it wasn’t as easy to access a mobile digital library, or to buy books on demand.

What happens to our society as the price for these devices and applications drop, as this sort of computing becomes the norm in work and schools, and as easily accessible let reading and designing become normal, or common activities. This is the same thing that was probably asked ten years ago, but the timeline was much longer. Then, they were looking into the next decade, with the technology only being an idea. Now the tools are already in people’s hands, and their effects are close coming.

When the same device that’s delivering people television and games is the same one used to read and to draw, what will be the effects if everyone starts to do those activities a few hours a week. Think on the same scale to how massive the change would be for people if they also exercised for 15 minutes a day.

Nothing substantial, but something noticeably routine.






One response to “Something Routine”

  1. Graham Avatar

    The Metamorphosis will blow your mind. Read it immediately.

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