The Better Tech Conference Survey

I’ve taken my notes from the mind-map posted yesterday, and come up with a set of questions for my report on better tech conferences.

I’ve tried to keep the survey (and the amount of work I have to do) short, so the survey is only 25 multiple choice questions. Two areas I kept out of the questioning to keep things short were questions about conference content and theme. You can look back to my last post on the conference mind-map to see what ideas were organized within those to top level branches. 

Also, the survey results are all public.

Since this is only a class on writing reports, and not a class on how to run a good survey, I’m not asking any personal or demographic information (age, income, profession).

(After you hit submit, the iFrame will turn grey, scroll back up to see the confirmation message.)






2 responses to “The Better Tech Conference Survey”

  1. Aislinn O'Connor Avatar
    Aislinn O’Connor

    I enjoyed this! One question you might find useful to add is how often respondents actually attend Conferences, or how recently they’ve attended one – it might affect the relevance of answers.Incidentally, I’m glad you DIDN’T ask for demographic information – I have strong objections to putting people into demographic groups or sub-groups instead of treating them as individuals, so I wouldn’t have responded if you had.And, yes – I DID wait for a break in the World Cup coverage before completing it… thought that was a very persuasive suggestion! 😀

  2. Malcolm Bastien Avatar
    Malcolm Bastien

    I’m surprised that actually worked! I guess I’m lucky that people have adopted the behaviour of watching the world cup with their laptops and twitter open in front of them!Thanks so much Aislinn!

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