Better Tech Conference Report: The Mindmap

One of my two final courses in my undergraduate degree I’m taking this summer is a course on business report writing. It’s super fun.

The main assignment for the course is a informative report on a topic of our choosing, and thanks to some other things I was involved with at the start of the course, I chose to write a report to analyze the qualities that people like and dislike in technology conferences they attend.

My main method for going about this is to try and break down different topics and themes that come up in the comments, blog posts, summaries, and mind-dumps, that are written about tech conferences either in general, or right after they happen. Some of the blog posts I’ve been reading for example were a lot of the post-SXSW 2010 coverage, which some people brought up themes such as super crowded and hard to get into sessions, and the rise of a VIP social situation.

Right now I’m coming up with a questionnaire that I’ll need your help to fill.

For now, I’ll share with you the mind-map that I’ve put together which the questions will be based on.

Click here to download:

Better Events.pdf (37 KB)






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