Saving Time and Killing My Facebook Habit

OK, so I’m not going to be killing Facebook *entirely*… But I will try to break one of my bad habits of checking my facebook news stream two to three times an hour by reinstalling the useful little Facebook Notifications app for my Menubar.

I used this application before, but got rid of it to try and save some menubar space (lost cause by the way). This time. if I commit to only checking out Facebook when someone has interacted with me on there, I’ll save a ton of time by not checking the service over and over to see what’s going on in the stream.

Not that my friends activities and thoughts aren’t interesting, but I’m just bad at distractions like this.

It’s not like I’m going to do something crazy though like deactivate my Facebook account all together… see: @joshdavey.

Check out the Facebook Fanpage for the app:

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