Kindle Tuesday!

Wow, First impression: The Kindle 10” is a big device.

I was lucky enough this morning to have @janinelaporte stop by the cafe while I was reading and show me the models of Kindles that she had on her.

I need to say it again, the size of the Kindle 10” is hard to get used to at first, it’s just overwhelming.

The Kindle 6” felt really good in the hand, light, thin, but it was left with a really small screen. Putting it beside the book I was reading a the time of taking this photo, the screen of the Kindle 6” if it were to display with the same font and spacing would not cover more than 26 lines of the print book, just over half a page. I imagine that must be an annoyance while reading.

Also on the Kindle 6” is a fairly large keyboard, one that equals the length of my iPhone, that doesn’t get used during reading at all, yet it’s always there. The small size makes it very easy to hold though.

The Kindle 10” , it’s just big. It matches well the size of an actual page from any typical book, it just also adds a half-inch plastic border all around as well. You really have to hold the Kindle 10” by the left hand spine to have control over the device; holding it by the bottom tips leaves much too much weight at the top end to make that an option when reading. My hands were getting tense after only moments of attempting to hold it that way.

These devices each have so many buttons, buttons I didn’t notice until they were pointed out to me.

Based off a 2 minute hands-on with each, I would recommend buying the Kindle 6”.

Thanks @janinelaporte for bringing them in this morning.






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