Reblogging – Not So Much

Been feeling recently as I look over my Tumblr stream that reblogging is both a really good idea, and something that is a big crap-shoot to whether it improves my Tumblr experience or adds less desirable stuff to my stream.

Of course sharing interesting content in a more active way than just Liking a post is a great idea, it makes a lot of sense to help move content around on this massive platform, but when you see things that are 4x reblogged it gets ridiculous.

I don’t know what to say about reblogging besides I think it’s a bit more logical that maybe it’s the implementation that reblogs a post in it’s entirety that is too much. Or maybe it’s even the idea that people reblogging other people’s reblogs that adds that visual overhead to it.

In the end the only reason I bring it up is because Tumblr makes it so easy to reblog stuff that it’s easier to populate your own blog with rebloged content then original stuff. When I look at my Posterous Reader it’s a vastly different experience, and the largest reason for that is absolutely because there is more original content.

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