The Sandwich Rebuttal

It only recently clicked to me that the sort of de-facto complaint that non-users and long-time haters of Twitter have been spewing is exactly the opportunity they are unable to see.

The “I don’t care if your eating a sandwich” attitude was like a virus. Maybe many people had it because they didn’t really understand twitter besides the notion of status updates, maybe they just thought it was stupid and liked Facebook a lot more. What I only did for the first time yesterday was think about that complaint from a Gary V. point of view.

If I was in the business of sandwiches, or had a passion for all the million varieties of sandwiches that existed, then Twitter’s penultimate tweet would be “I’m eating a sandwich”

  • I would have a blog about sandwiches and share a ton of pictures of my sandwich creations (
  • I’d go and review the sandwiches all around my neighborhood and my city.
  • I’d video tape and interview artisan sandwich makers for a podcast.
  • I’d build a community of sandwich lovers.
  • I’d hold sandwich meetups. (hey, they have them for cupcakes)

Not to mention, I would probably be perpetually full and satisfied.

Damn, I just feel stupid for connecting the dots so late for what I think everybody has heard before as a complaint about their friends don’t use Twitter.

Props goes this post by Chris Brogan for this post that let me shell out the examples of tactics a social media sandwich lover could take: If I Were a Realtor.

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