The Logic Baffles Me

“I now have read and assessed the work term reports for WKT400 & 502, and by receiving this message you have received a “pass” for your report or reports.

However, this is a “broadcast” notification to all students in the ‘07 Intake group and if your report was deficient and did NOT receive a “pass”, you will have been notified by an e-mail message to you personally in which case this notification does not apply to you.”

So I get a message saying that I’ve passed, unless I’ve not gotten another email telling me that I’ve failed, in which case I should disregard this message?

“The employers’ reports on your performance on the job generally have noted an overall rating of at least ‘good’ with most of you receiving the overall rating of ‘excellent’.”

Overall, you were all graded as having at least ‘good’, and at the same time most of you got the overall rating of ‘excellent’?

I hate university.

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