MacHeist vs. Shit You Can Get For Free

MacHeist just came out today with a collection of six applications for you to download completely for free for your Mac, with a combined total cost of $154. Here’s my 2 second breakdown.

ShoveBox Evernote

Just use Evernote

WriteRoom Bean/Google Docs

Bean and Google Docs both have nice distraction free full screen modes.

Twitterrific Tweetie


Automatically uploads your screenshots to the net and gives you a link on your Clipboard. Useful if you take a lot of screenshots. Not sure about a free equivalent anywhere.

Hordes of Orcs

In my opinion this is just a horrible tower defense game. Imagine, for you iPhone users out there, something that is 5% as good as Field Runners. Not sure about a free equivalent anywhere.

Mariner Write Bean

You can do some layout options in Bean, how much they look alike makes me say just use bean.

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