Have I Not Explained It All Yet?

You may have noticed a lot of talk from me lately dealing with the specifics of Tumblr and of Posterous. You may have also noticed that the content is coming out from my Tumblr site ( more so than my other blog The reason for all this was I wanted less, so that I could blog more.

I love WordPress, I love having my own data, and I love using open source software. But what I want is a smaller tool, something I don’t have to concern myself with plugins, or theme updates, or paying for hosting every year. My move over to Tumblr as my full-time blogging gig is for the same reasons that people feel more productive after they have a cleaner workspace, it focuses their attention, and I want my attention focused as much as possible on publishing new content.

I had built my blog into a position where I would really only publish long posts, I wanted to push myself (as lame as that sounds) into pushing out shorter content more regularly, to “re-blog” content from other Tumblr blogs, from my Disqus comments, and to publish more posts that were simply links, videos, images, or “interesting” things. It’s that focus on different sorts of publishing that created a lot of the tension on deciding between Tumblr and Posterous.

I’m not going to be using my Tumblr for the space between a real blog and Twitter. It’s all going here (in the case of Open Mode anyways).

Why not try it with me?

Do you realize how fast it is to start a blog using Tumblr? Putting something together with a nice theme, Disqus comments, Google Analytics, RSS and Twitter feeds is all something you can do in the span of an hour.

Go. Do it now.

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