Could Dropbox Do This? A Business Idea

With Dropbox I can get a free 2Gig space in the cloud that syncs files up from my local computer, keeps them accessible through an iPhone and a web interface, and that also syncs them back down to all my other computers.

If I want to get more space I can simply throw Dropbox some coin.

I thought up another way they could potentially make some money that some friends of mine dug and I though I’d just share.

What if I own “Student Work” a site that helps students keep track of their projects, homework and essays, figures automatically when assignments for all their classes are due, and stores their work assignments securely on the cloud for them (so they never lose an essay to a corrupt hard drive). How it works is that students use and save their school assignments to a “Student Work Smarter” folder on their computer, which gets sync’d up to the cloud, and back down to any other computers they use.

How this idea can make Dropbox some money is that I as the owner of Student Work Smarter would have my own IT systems to handle the value I provide to students in the form of information to better manage their studies, but as a business I would pay Dropbox a monthly rate so that I interact with my customers in the same way they do.

  • I would give my customers cloud storage and sync capabilities across their devices (even on the iPhone)
  • I would have a persistent presence on my customers computers and let them use my service in a way that they are all already used (by having and using folders on their computers and not ever having to deal with uploading files to a website)

What do you think? Does this lead you to think up any more ideas even?






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