Corporate Control of Social Media

Who controls business operations?

Easy, the business.

Who controls social media?

The business? Customers? General stakeholders?

How much should a business’s concern be focused on the activities that are in the domain of its control? In one way I think a big part of what businesses should focus on improving is providing as good an experience as possible to their customers. One way it can do this is by trying to remove as many of the barriers for that customer in the way of a good experience. These barriers can take the form of low value for money, shoddy customer service, or a low quality product.

If we bring social media into the picture, in some ways, the business’s goals are unaffected by that. It’s main responsibility is still to provide the best experience possible.

One thing I’m observing is the intention of some brands to try and move into, and control the social channels of it’s customers, without providing any actual benefit to the customer’s experience.

What would happen if instead of trying to own social media, companies used the channels as a way of obtaining information to better improve the customer’s experience? And used that information from thing like the design of new online ordering platforms, to the in-store shopping experience?

Companies are trying to control people through social media instead of using social media as a method to better understand the problems their customers are facing, and using that new information to improve what they do,  and can control.
I though this up as a new approach to social media as one where the different areas connect and flow well from one to another for an organization. I’m not sure how valid it is, or if there are any companies that might be taking a similar approach. If there are, let me know in the comments.

3 replies on “Corporate Control of Social Media”

This is more a guess than anything, but I think It's usually public relations/corporate communications that want to remain consistent with "branding" and the like that there's this paranoia surrounding how they use their name, brand and how they interact with the public.

Yup, that's certainly a barrier whenever it comes to a company "saying" anything. But the beauty about monitoring and listening is that you can do as much listening as possible and not affect anything.

Of course depending on how good or bad your monitoring is and the insights to get from it, the action you take could lead you to success or grind you to dust!

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