Sentiment Strikes Back

So just a day after I list up a bunch of my thoughts on how we are focusing too much on Sentiment in the area of professional online social media listening, Razorfish releases the fluent report, a comprehensive look at sentiment listening across industries.

I felt a bit schooled. Thankfully it just goes to show how little I actually know about things like Net Promoter Score… in that, I didn’t know about them.

The report, of which I have not read in it’s entirety of 48 pages, included some insights such as the proposal of a “SIM” score, which turns sentiment scores into an sentiment index that can be used to more effectively measure sentiment between brands of a particular industry while taking into account volume of postings.

From a general sentiment perspective, Brand A with 1 positive post for every 10 with 500 mentions would be more accurately compared to Brand B with 1 positive post for every 5 with only 200 mentions.

Index scores like these mentioned in the report, as well as more to come from the likes of Ogilvy (“conversation impact”) make me think that I was wrong on one very specific idea in my previous post, sentiment can be creative and strategic. We just can stay at the “sentiment” level, creative and strategic uses of sentiment, as well as engagement, are both going to require some smart thinking.

I have some better thinking jotted down and waiting to be blogged about sentiment and engagement and how the two relate to some more important, immeasurable qualities of relationships online.

Though what do you think of sentiment and engagement? Do these hold all the answers?






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