The Next Step For Net Geners

Image by Giant Ginkgo via Flickr

There’s a lot more land to conquer for the net generation in the world of big business.

While having a nice lunch with some of my friends from school over the past weekend, toiling over a school project, and discussing the ways that the net generation are changing business, one of my friends brought up the fact that no matter how ‘radical’ the changes they are forcing corporations and the world of business to go through now, it pales in comparison to the shift in corporate culture and leadership they will trigger in 10 years time as they move their way up the ladder to the C-level of organizations.

In the entry level jobs of organizations, we can think of a certain set of changes they are forcing those companies to make.

  • They have a need to be more connected while on the job
  • Net Geners have some fundamentally different ideas concerning work/life balance
  • They are also able to manage working while at the same time interacting with many other people through various online media

These qualities of Net Geners are driving some pretty big changes in business as it is. Anybody who has done actual reading on this topic (I should do more), maybe by reading Don Tapscott‘s book, Growing Up Digital, can come up with a much better picture of how the coming of the net generation is affecting business.

But these are shallow waters when we realize that in 10 years, these Net Geners will be “Net Geners/senior executives” and the changes that companies find themselves going through now to take in and adapt to Net Geners in the work force, can’t possibly compare to how they will be changing on a strategic and leadership level. This is something they also shouldn’t leave for 10 years in the future to deal with. Companies would be greatly advantaged to take a proactive approach at understanding how their companies will be changing.

It seems like this is the likely outcome as well. Because Net Geners will either adapt to existing corporate cultures over the next decade (unlikely) or they will drive cultural change in the organization all through their way up. You should be expecting it.

What will those changes look like?
What would you change?






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