What I Want To Podcast

I’ve done some thinking on what it is about audio podcasts that I really enjoy, and has what kept me listening to them for the past 2 years. More recently with my focus on a blogging, and video blogging strategy, I’ve started to think…

Maybe it’s time to start a podcast.

I’ve put some thought into a video talking about:

  • Who I would like to be involved
  • What I would like to talk about
  • Why I think it’s important for me and other people to get together and give some attention to issues that affect us and other students and young professionals
  • What I don’t want to talk about.

Nothing hard planned yet, just some ideas to get other people thinking and let them raise their voice if they also are interested. Needless to say, as someone who has been blogging for a few years, and listening to podcasts for even longer, I think there is still a lot of value we can generate and some real good we can do by coming together as a weekly podcast.

Feel free to leave a Seesmic comment from Disqus by using the “Use Media > Record Video” option.







3 responses to “What I Want To Podcast”

  1. Kevin Richard Avatar

    I'm liking the ideas you have. I think the biggest thing is getting the topic of the podcast targeted enough so that it doesn't sound like the other podcasts out there ( such as 6 pixels, Inside PR or For Immediate release etc). Just wondering if you were planning to do this on site or off site ( like Media hacks who broadcast from a coffee shop or where ever) because that may make a difference in what sort of equipment you'll need. I let me know if you want any help on this as it sounds like you have a good mixture of ideas going.

  2. Malcolm Bastien Avatar

    Ya, location of actual recording is the least of my worries for any potential endeavor. Do you have a mic and web video set up? We can maybe just start by doing more video dialog using video comments!

  3. Kevin Richard Avatar

    I can get access to it via a Mac but nothing permanent at the moment. Looking into it.

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