My Goal For The Summer? More Seesmic

Here’s my first of many more Seesmic video blog posts and recordings. I really would like to use Seesmic more and communicate much more through video as a summer goal of mine.

As a brief overview for this video, I discuss:

  • How video is a richer way to connect to people
  • How this richness is a way to even better develop personal brand
  • How Seesmic and video still has a lot of potential as a communications medium in social media.
  • Just how much Seesmic, Loic le Meur, and Gary Vaynerchuk are all very cool.

Hope you enjoy.






4 responses to “My Goal For The Summer? More Seesmic”

  1. Will_L Avatar

    K, I'm going to pickup a webcam tomorrow.Funny that I watched this video ( by @garyvee before watching your seesmic video.I have a feeling that video will have a low adoption rate simply due to the fact that people are not confident in their speaking abilities, too self conscious, shy or whatever (insert your excuse) – my only excuse was that I didn't have a webcam come tomorrow, I'll post one up and take it from there.To anyone else reading this – you're going to make a much stronger impression through your storytelling, the emotion you infuse into your videos, your authenticity and most importantly who you are and what you represent. It's above and beyond any text-only blog post no matter how witty you might think your writing is. BTW, why do you keep looking to your left?

  2. Malcolm Bastien Avatar

    Thanks!I keep looking at my left because that's the large window of my room! So there are always things that are going on, like birds or cars that pass by that catch my attention. I actually find it very difficult to look *right into the camera* for 8 minutes straight.Glad you enjoyed it and are picking up a camera though! Seesmic rocks!

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