Is It A Site? A Business? Or Mostly Just Twitter?

Just like applications were able to add a lot more functionality, and create successful businesses on Facebook, the same needs to be done for Twitter. There are businesses I am seeing creating new websites and businesses that in essence boil down to being a mix of 90% Twitter, and 10% different stuff. All these new businesses then have to deal with problems like users and infrastructure.

Let them just be applications built on Twitter instead.

This is the right time to open up Twitter as a platform that can let users plug in different applications to their accounts. These applications should be able to take advantage of the Twittersphere as it exists already and save users from having to deal with interacting with numerous different sites that only perform marginally different tasks from one another.

I never like naming particular applications, but the trend will likely only increase and more new websites will be built as it becomes clear that some of the unique features of a Twitter-like communications model can add value in plenty of different scenarios.

Some of the unique features of Twitter that would be translate well to new business models include:

  • The openness of following anyone and being followed by anyone
  • The opt-in nature of the information flows
  • The ease of participating everywhere
  • Low time commitment needs

Some of, or all of these features mixed in with other business areas could be the recipe to dozens of new businesses. But just like we’ve gone past the age of “Facebook for X” (entrepreneurs, real estate, musicians, etc…), we might just be coming to the age of seeing plenty of new “Twitter for X” or “Twitter with X” businesses being started.

For example, one of these applications is a twitter like clone that lets you ask questions, receive responses, and then give credit to who helps you as a way for them to increase their on-site reputation in a particular field. It’s a great idea as many of the updates on Twitter do deal with asking for and helping others, but it would probably have a better chance of taking off as an application users could add-on to their Twitter accounts. Facebook has already proved the application model works.

Do you think Twitter needs to expand to let users build apps on top of it?

Image by premasagar via Flickr






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