New Facebook, And Everyone Hates Malcolm

Skip all the theoretical talk of trends in micro-messaging and the mass adoption of Twitter.

Here are some examples of angry responses I’ve gotten from friends who apparently have a problem seeing all my Twitter updates go through Facebook into their stream:

Why is there like 5000 updates form you on my feed!? Malcolm is breathing in, malcolm is breathing out, malcolm is…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

You’re lonely… I get it man… but come on… shut the fuck up for a second. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH

You’re a good sport, Sport… 🙂

There was also this status I picked up

Malcolm talks too much about mundane shit

(which was later followed up by…)

Why follow a trend as oppose to start your own. Honestly, you could start the trend of leading all the people who are following the mundane trend of a bridge or cliff or rooftop and make the world a little more exciting. I’ll support you in your endeavour and cheer you and the whole crowd following crew the entire way. So grow a pair and lead them into a bottomless abyss and save the world from such idiocy.

I always feel lucky to have friends such as mine…

Other Things That The New Facebook Does That Annoys Me

The university crowd loves to market their dumb student council votes and referendums by spamming as many people as they can with messages. So on the new Facebook, I get to see when people do stupid things like this:

Another instance of Facebook’s more thorough activity-stream is when people do actions in sequence like tagging or uploading photos. For that you’ll get an activity stream that looks like this:

The new Facebook layout has been up for maybe 5 days so far? This is going to be a lot of fun…

9 responses to “New Facebook, And Everyone Hates Malcolm”

  1. Maybe a good idea to fight away the angry masses is to selectively stream stuff through to Facebook.

    The new tweetdeck works quite well at giving you the option to post back to either Facebook or Twitter or both, just saying.

  2. I think you may be one of the last people to use twitter as your status on FB! I think the general consensus is that most people dislike the app because it clogs up their newsfeed and in general with # and @'s doesn't look nice/confuses many people. But I think that makes a strong argument for why Facebook will never be like Twitter, people are accepting of the mass trail of conversations while on Facebook you seem like you're spamming or have way to much time on your hands.

  3. Yeah, I deliberately disabled my tweets. I got the idea from Daniel – didn't need to annoy anyone with my "one bajillioin mundane status updates

  4. HAHAHAHAHA best post yet. I actually appreciate your Tweeting–gives me a personal perspective to consider

  5. I think I'm going to follow I'm getting from you and others for the time being to turn off my Facebook Twitter updates for the time being. The big thing to wait for, is to see if by just changing the layout of Facebook (maybe with a little push or two along the way) people's usage habits will change to micro-blogging more as well.

    That's when I'll come back in like a hawk!

  6. Ya, people are used to spending a lot of time on Facebook and doing a lot of different things in different areas of the website, like games and other apps. But getting people to spend more time in just the main page home stream is the new thing. It's no longer the send off portal to other parts of the site, but THE place itself.

    But with all the in-house psychologists at Facebook, somebody probably asked him the question somewhere along the line of the users of FB and Twitter share commonalities, and IF FB users can adapt to Twitter usage habits.

    That's a lot of hypotheticals and guessing on my part… but I'm definitely more interested in how Facebook users are going to adapt rather than the company's direction and its strategy.

  7. Heh, come on, you may be spending too much time on the new Facebook or there's something up with your friends. None of my 660 spam like that 😉

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