Cross Post – Announcing Toronto Dev

Yesterday I launched a new blog, Toronto Dev, focused on tech and social media community and news in Toronto. This message is crossed post on that blog.


I’m very excited, especially since I’ve owned the domain now for three years, to announce that is launching today.

It seems like Toronto’s tech scene is moving at light speed ridiculous speed ludicrous speed these days, and trying to provide an complete picture of all that activity will be Toronto Dev’s goal. It will cover tech news in a broad sense, trying to give everybody in the community a reason to visit.
* Tech Startups
* Social Media
* Web Apps and Services
* Camps, Meetups, and Conferences
* Government Tech Policies and Social Media Adoption
* And Interesting Stuff.

The site is going to be open to contributions of all sorts. I see site being more valuable to people, and lasting a lot longer the more an open-source publication method is adopted. If it will be useful to the people of Toronto’s tech scene, it’s likely it will be published (This is a very subtle way of saying that the site might only publish 5 posts a year if I’m the only one writing content.).

To keep contributing easy, and to support the site’s emphasis on the community, not to generate ad revenue, content published on Toronto Dev will be licensed Creative Commons Attribution to the individual authors of the content. All content will be licensed CC-BY unless other wised noted.

The first goal was to simply make the site live, but I have a couple of ideas for it in the future. If you have any ideas you’d like to suggest or work on, contact me and we’ll get some discussion started.

See you around.

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