Getting Excited About Blogging At Wordcamp

Get Excited About Blogging.

That’s what happens when you attend an event like WordCamp Toronto.

When I used to do Capoeira, yearly events would be held in Toronto or Montreal that I would go to.  At these events people excited about capoeira would come together, some of them beginners and some who had been practising it for over 20 years.  It was a chance to talk to them, and a chance learn from them.  But most importantly it renewed the excitement that everybody had for the art.  Training and training would be hard to do for long periods of time, and everyone would have a rhythm of feeling really good one month, but in the next would not have a good rhythm or would get discouraged.

What I felt at WordCamp Toronto 2008 was that same renewal of excitement.  Being the first time attending such a blogger-centric event, meeting and talking to other newer bloggers, or probloggers got me excited about it.  It was a perfect example of a community coming together.

Thankfully Mark Wood (@markfox) recorded each of the presentations and uploaded them to the net for everyone to share. And hopefully, other people might watch these videos and feel a bit of that same excitement and feeling of community that was present at the event.  Here are just some of my favorite WordCamp Toronto videos, which can all be found on Mark’s Vimeo page.

Joseph Thornley on “Blogging as a Cornerstone of Social Media”
WordCamp Toronto 2008 – Joeseph Thornley Keynote from Mark Wood on Vimeo.

Matt Mullenweg on the “State of the Word”
WordCamp Toronto 2008 – Matt Mullenweg State of the Word Part A from Mark Wood on Vimeo.
WordCamp Toronto 2008 – Matt Mullenweg State of the Wrod Part B from Mark Wood on Vimeo.

David Peralty on “Running Your Blog Like A Pro”
WordCamp Toronto 2008 – Running Your Blog Like a Pro with David Peralty from Mark Wood on Vimeo.






4 responses to “Getting Excited About Blogging At Wordcamp”

  1. […] Getting Excited About Blogging At Wordcamp […]

  2. maiki Avatar

    I know what you mean! I always get really energized after Wordcamp. I have gone to the last two in San Francisco. I also got to complain directly to Matt over shots of tequila (I think, we didn’t do that many).

    He is a really open person, and I find it really amusing that it seems like he is on a Wordcamp world tour. Good for him! ^_^

  3. RyeBlogger Avatar

    It sounds like it was a great event, too bad I missed it 😀 I’ll have to bookmark this page and watch the videos

    However, I’m looking forward to attending podcamp toronto – especially that it’s at Ryerson

  4. Will Avatar

    dammit! I wish I could’ve went!

    I’ll catch the videos when I’m at work later today.. lol.

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