Getting Into The Mixx

The full day interactive advertising conference, Mixx Canada, took place yesterday in Toronto. It was a full day of networking, talks, panels, and overall digital marketing and interactive advertising goodness. Even for someone not from a publisher or an advertising agency, there was still a surprising amount of captivating content that I could relate to as a student.

Themes For Moving Forward

The same themes could be seen in a lot of the presentations that were given at Mixx. The reason for this is probably because even if companies have different products, different consumers, or use different technologies and strategies, they were all on a mission to achieve the sames sorts of goals. Some of the themes that came up from the talks included:

Entertaining, Informing, and Connecting

Different consumer segments are going online for a lot of different reasons, and they are even adopting different personas online when they do so. Brands can take part in the consumers online experiences by engaging on the consumers terms. Brands can engage consumers in new ways online in a positive way by fulfilling the consumers needs to be entertained, to be informed, and to connect with others. The best successes of this were examples where brands were able to create meaning to the consumer through one or more of these three pillars.

Success = Sharing

It was obvious at the conference that achieving a successful “Viral” marketing is regarded as the “thing” to do, and if you were able to create a successful viral marketing campaign, you’ll have earned your weight in gold. A lot of the advertisers at Mixx yesterday were keen on learning more about what the secret recipe is for doing just that. But what seemed to be an enlightened message concerning viral content given during one talk was that successful is not about being viral, it’s about sharing, and understanding the reasons why people are motivated to share content is the real key in producing content that will spread through the masses.

Mobile 2.0

This was the first conference I’ve been to where mobile was so predominant in not only the content of the sessions, but as well as there in the hands of the audience members. Whether being the most widespread medium, the most personally engaging medium, or being the medium that’s always on you and that always has you attention, it was interesting to see all the advertisers developing innovative ideas, products, and thinking at the leading edge of mobile development. It got me thinking that whatever lifestyle mobile technologies will enable in a decade’s time, advertising will play a big part in maybe even shaping that path.

These were some of the themes that I found were common to more than a few of the talks at Mixx. And even not as a student of marketing or advertising directly, I got a lot of value out of attending Mixx and interacting with the other students and the advertisers who were there. The next Mixx conference in Toronto takes place in March 2009, and they will again be providing a great deal for student to attend. So if your a student in marketing, advertising, or even technology, there’s no reason not to attend.






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