Why Laconica Means Big Things For Corporate Micro Blogging

After listening to the latest episode of FLOSS Weekly I’ve started to get very excited again about the philosophy that’s behind the Identi.ca and Laconica platforms, as well as the possibilities that they provides. And after listening to an interview with him as well, Evan Prodromou (creator of Laconica and Identi.ca) seems like a really cool guy. I’m now most excited about now having a platform that can easily be installed into an organization’s network, and being able to provide them with a solid, and quickly growing micro-blogging platform. I can see both corporations, and non-profits really getting a lot of value out of this, and I see a lot of opportunities for consultants selling micro-blogging as something useful for their clients Why?

I see micro-blogging in an organization as one part communications medium, and one part knowledge management tool. Compared to Wiki’s, micro-blogging enable a different kind of quick dissemination of knowledge.

Take this case for example: If John wanted to uncover policy information from a Wiki, but that page didn’t exist, he wouldn’t have the means to quickly acquire that information. But discovering that this information wasn’t on the corporate Wiki, John could use the corporate micro-blogging platform powered by Laconica simply broadcast a message out to colleagues, where one (or many) of which could quickly reply to him with the desired information.

So using Wikis, getting the information that John needs quickly could in this case be solved by the reliance on other people having previously entered the desired information the Wiki. With micro-blogging, the reliance is based on the knowledge that some has, whether or not they’ve committed the time and effort to enter that information into a Wiki platform, since they can just shoot off a quick message in reply to John.

Another add-on to this is that while John was broadcasting out messages much like “Working on new policy report for HR”, another colleague could have seen that message and reply to him letting him know of a new government story that just broke that morning, providing john with more information and saving him time.

A micro-blogging platforms like Laconica that could be installed within an organization enable a work flow such as this.  They also provide the valuable option of keeping all communications within a corporate network and not allowing these messages, which might hold delicate and private information, reach the public.

Do you think these sorts of micro-blogging implementations have an important place in the workplace of the near future?






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