Taking A First Look at Digital Marketing

For the past 4 days I’ve been thinking a lot about Digital Marketing and some of the ways that students could be introduced to it, and ways to get them excited to learn about it. The web is so pervasive in our everyday living, and we are actively participating everyday in many different conversations: Conversations with ourselves, our friends and acquaintances, our colleagues, with communities, strangers, and businesses. There are all these conversations that as social beings, we want to be a part of.

Following the reactions at the Ryerson Business Forum, it seems like the majority of people at my university are not even familiar with what some of the tools of web2.0 are, never mind knowing how to answer questions like “How do these tools let us participate in these?”

3 thoughts on “Taking A First Look at Digital Marketing

  1. A good start could be a required course on what Web 2.0 is and why students need to understand it. Most students are not hardcore web users outside of Facebook, so they would need a course to keep them up to date if they’re not doing it themselves.

    Future steps:
    – Lectures via podcasts
    – A web 2.0 BlackBoard web app without the suck of current BlackBoard web app.
    – Projects that require the use of online startups, so that the information is accessible to the world, but integrable with the school system.

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