Why BNET.com Is A Really Good Site

In the past two weeks BNET.com has become one of the sites I always need to visit daily. The site is well written, has useful information, is well structured, and it’s also well designed. I want to go over a few of the different aspects of BNET that I think make it a really good site.

First off, what’s published on BNET I find a lot more useful than regular ‘articles’, that’s because most of them go beyond that. Everybody is familiar with what an articles is on the web today, they cover one topic and for the most part tend to throw information at you. On BNET, each article is a thought out, well put together guide that provide lessons and instructions on worthwhile topics. In the article Managing a Remote Team, the 3 different sections are called: How to Manage Employees in Remote Locations, Hiring and Inspiring a Dispersed Team, and Ten Tools for Remote Teams. This structure of information is good because I find that they break the information up logically and they provide a decent introduction telling you a bit about what you’ll get out of the article.

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