SIFE Ryerson With CakePHP

The school year has started again, in fact we’re already a month into it, and I’m still here working as part of my 2nd co-op work term well away from all the glamour and action of the school environment. Activity with SIFE Ryerson has started again and with my separation with the day to day activities of the group, I volunteered to take over the relaunch of the SIFE Ryerson website. This was a good project that I was able to do on my own schedule, that only mildly required interaction with other members of the team. Most importantly, it was also the best opportunity for me to get my hands dirty in CakePHP. Working with CakePHP on a site like this from the start was the best choice to really start learning the framework; it was fairly small, it had few requirements, and I had a good deadline to work with.

With working on it on a day to day basis, concepts in Cake started to become familiar in my head fairly quickly, and at the end of the project the framework has become much more comfortable to work with. I have a few thoughts on what it was like starting with CakePHP.

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