In 2 Months

To help in making sure my current goals for the next two months are kept, publishing them here seems to be a good idea to help me stick to them. I heard from a professor of mine and also read a post from Steve Pavlina‘s blog about journaling that keeping a journal is a powerful tool to help achieve your plans, and this is a time for me when achieving my goals is very important. It’s been a busy summer, and a lot has happened career, educational, and personal wise. I had to make some big changes this month in order to keep myself on the path I want to see myself on in the long term. The changes I’ve made have allowed me to change my set of activities and shift everything in my life to focus more on my long term goals.






One response to “In 2 Months”

  1. Graham Avatar

    You are slowly turning into a man.
    Good stuff with making the choices for the long run, and not for the present.
    B&B for life!

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